Konkurrencer deadline

4th Nordic International Digital Circuit 2019

Closing date: October 20



The 6th Golden Digital Salon - 2019

Closing date: October 20. 2019

Panel of judges :
C: Colour  Section :
Tommy Jacobsen, Denmark
Niels Bjerre, AFIAP, ASDF, ESSDF, Denmark
Claus Carlsen, EFIAPs , MSDFs, Denmark

M: Monochrome Section:
René Skaaning Nørager, ASDF, ESSDF, Denmark
Jes Lyngsie, ASDF, Denmark
Una Streit Larsen, EFIAP, ASDF, NSMIF/b, Denmark

A total of 69 possible awards in this Salon, read more in the "Conditions" section www.the-golden.dk

Entry Fees
One Section: EURO  20.00 /USD 25.00 / DKK 150.00
Two Sections: EURO 25.00 / USD 30.00 / DKK  200.00

Please use the following link for full and detailed information of conditions of entry and enter the Salon on-line : [../../undefined/]www.the-golden.dk
 - use your [userlogin.php]Login Details – In case of lost password, make a request for resending password in [forgotpsw.php]Forgot Password 
If you did not participate in The-Golden-Digital previous years, please  [user_create_user.php]Create Profile

The Salon has received  the following recognitions :
FIAP Patronage No. 2019/354    - Electronic Imaging Division.
PSA Recognition No. 2019-410 - Projected Image Division .
SDF Recognition No.  2019/05
NFFF Patronate No. 2019/17

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